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Our professional, university-educated teachers encourage students to develop a love of learning and a desire to succeed. They maintain the highest integrity and concern for your child’s wellbeing.

The principal is responsible for the educational leadership and management of our school. If you would like to speak to the principal, please contact us to make an appointment.

Our school administrative staff can answer inquiries or direct you to the appropriate staff member for help.

Our school is comprised of many great teachers and specialist staff.

Eastwood Public School staffing positions Term 2, 2020

Class teachers


KA Ms Tanya Angel  
KC Miss Christodoulides  
KH Ms Lydia Hahn  
KL Mrs Cecilia Leung Monday - Wednesday
KL Mrs Pilar Doval Thursday - Friday
KP Ms Tara Poole  
KS Ms Carla Alessi  
KT Ms Adele Turnbull AP - ES1
1A Ms Angela Kouts Monday - Wednesday
1A Ms Genevieve Nguyen Thursday - Friday
1B Mrs Eleni Boulas  
1C Ms Bonnie Chen  
1G Miss Ellen Goldsmith  
1K Ms Carol Kam  
1S Ms Nawal Sinclair  
2B  Mrs Carole Bieri Jones  
2C Ms Caroline Bennett  
2E Ms Emma Rowlison  
2H Mr Peter Griffiths  
2R Ms Stephanie Runham Monday - Thursday
2R Mrs Penny Clarke Friday
2S Mrs Karen Sparrow  
3C Ms Nikita Chavda  
3P Mrs Emma Perrott  
3S Mr Matthew So  
3T Mrs Liz Trinh Acting AP - S1
3W Mrs Elaine Lau  
4G Mrs Nicole Gasparre  
4H  Mr Remy Hoad-Moussa  
4S Ms Susie Song  
4V Ms Krystal Vaux  
5G Mrs Violet Georges  
5H Ms Nel Hoekstra  
5K Mr Anthony Koumzoglou  
5S Ms Laura Stobo  
6C Mrs Cora Cuasay AP - S3
6G Mrs Peta Griffith  
6K Mr Ken Leslie  
6L Mrs Rosalind Lim Acting AP - S2

Auxiliary teachers


English as an additional language or dialect Mrs A Collins  
  Mrs J Callan  
  Mrs A Laurie  
  Ms J Song  
  Ms M Liantonio  
  Ms Vivian U  
  Ms G Ryu  
  Mr R Singh  
  Ms A O'Dea  
  Mrs E Lee  
Community languages Ms S Lau  
  Mr P Shi  
  Ms P Leung  
  Ms J Yeom  
Reading recovery and learning support Mrs S Maidment  
  Mrs J Willott  
  Mrs A Brayshaw  
  Mrs J Smyth-King  
  Ms K Schofields  
Library Mrs E Pike Monday - Wednesday
  Mrs Ishbel Murray Tuesday - Friday
RFF Mr J Bowman  
  Ms E Koumi Minday - Thursday
  Ms G Nguyen Monday
  Mrs K Morrow Monday - Wednesday
  Mrs Lindsey Forster  Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Executive and Administration staff


R/Principal Mr Cameron Jones  
Deputy Principal Ms Sue Leitch  
Deputy Principal Mrs Jennifer Scuglia Monday - Tuesday
R/Deputy Principal Mrs Krystal Webb  
Assistant Principals ES1 - Ms A Turnbull  
  S1 - Mrs E Trinh (acting)  
  S2 - Mrs Ros Lim (acting)  
  S3 - Mrs C Cuasay  
  PBEL - Ms E Lynch  
Admin Manager Mrs Sinead Fisher  
  Mrs C Morris  
  Mrs L Rodriguez  
  Mrs P Forsyth  
  Mrs S Finch  
  Mrs S Mathie  
  Mrs S Hemmings-Richardson  
General Assistant Mr Phil Hanley  
  Mr Chris Dykstra  
  Mr Kyle Jennis  
School Counsellor Mrs Robyn Fallshaw Monday - Friday